Automatic Battery Charger, recharging it the smart way

Automatic Battery Charger, recharging it the smart way

The Automatic Battery Charger, also commonly known as a smart charger, is a rather old concept integrating some new features. Everyone is familiar with batteries and their respective chargers.

┬áBut earlier chargers also had some major drawbacks: for instance, you shouldn’t leave them recharging continuously after the batteries were fully charged. And that’s why the automatic battery charger was invented.

The automatic battery charger integrates some more advanced electronic intelligence into the recharging process. It can detect when the batteries are fully charged and switch into a trickle charge mode, where it send just enough current to keep the batteries from discharging. These days, most of the chargers you will find should be of this smart charger kind.

Battery charging methods have not changed that much over the last decades, but the many small improvements made over the years have resulted in an automatic battery charger that will provide the best lifetime and performance to your batteries.

Custom Battery Packs, whatever you need there is a battery for you
Custom Battery Packs can be found in all shapes and sizes. If you cannot find an ideal solution for your battery requirements and no standard battery will do, your last resort will. By clearly specifying your exact needs: voltage, current, and power capacity; you will be able to have some custom battery packs.

Battery Packs -Best option for extended battery life
For really intensive use, when a single battery just will not do, battery packs allow you to extend your battery life for as long as you need. Although not suitable for everyday normal use, battery packs offer a great tool for many special occasions

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