Lithium Ion Batteries, powering the way to the future

Lithium Ion Batteries, powering the way to the future

Lithium Ion Batteries are currently the most used batteries for laptops, cell phones, pocket pcs, and many other devices. Whenever you need the highest power capacity and the lowest weight, lithium ion batteries are your best option.

Having almost completely replaced Ni-Cd and Ni-Mh batteries, Lithium Ion Batteries offer a number of advantages over those older battery technologies. For starters, it does not suffer from the dreaded memory-effect, meaning you can recharge it at any time without degrading its performance. Older batteries needed to be completely discharged before re-charging, or else they would gradually lose their power.

Having succeeded in spite of their higher price, Lithium Ion Batteries are now a part of our daily lives. We demand more and more power, for longer and longer periods.

No one can predict what kind of batteries we'll be using in 10 years’ time. For the moment, Li-Ion is the best we have, and emerging technologies like fuel cell batteries shows us it can only get better.

Deep Cycle Battery Charger, going where no charger has gone before
A Deep Cycle Battery Charger is a very special kind of charger. Each battery has its optimal use and operation. Cell phones have different requirements than a car. However, in some special cases, like solar powered devices, batteries have to withstand both fully charged as well as fully discharged status. That is why a deep cycle battery charger is needed.

Gel Cell Battery Chargers, the new SLA battery enhancements
Gel cell battery chargers are designed specifically for this special type of sealed lead-acid battery. For applications where breaking or spilling might become an issue. For the added ruggedness and increased battery life, you just need to make sure you use proper gel cell battery chargers.

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