Optima Batteries, optimum power with the innovative Spiracell technology

Optima Batteries, optimum power with the innovative Spiracell technology

Optima batteries are unlike any other lead acid batteries on the market today. If you want a heavy duty battery, capable of enduring harsh treatment while providing maximum power performance, we might well be searching for Optima batteries.

Optima batteries use a unique Spiracell technology design, allowing it to be completely maintenance free and still maintain a longer battery life than other sealed lead acid batteries. Just imagine, you can even install these batteries sideways!

Their completely sealed design also withstands deep cycling and ultra-low self-discharge rates  meaning these are the ideal batteries for seasonal vehicles. With these batteries you risk forgetting you ever had a battery charger!

Optima batteries are a unique product, greatly appreciated by marine and automotive users worldwide. It is a top performing battery, reserved for those wanting the best of the best. From car enthusiast to professional tuning setups, Optima will keep providing the best Spiracell SLA batteries for intensive use in the world.

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