Sealed Lead Acid Battery Lead Acid Battery, Batteries

Sealed Lead Acid Battery Lead Acid Battery, Batteries

The Sealed Lead Acid Battery combines the better of two worlds: the power and reliability of common lead acid batteries, without the hassle of checking water levels and refilling when needed. Most modern cars ship with some sort of sealed lead acid battery. Let’s see how well they behave in real life conditions.

A sealed lead acid battery is nothing more than what it name implies: it is a common lead acid battery, encased in a sealed container. That way, you will not need to check and refill it at least, that’s the idea. Although this will hold true most of the time, sometimes even a sealed battery can fail because it needed refilling.

Not to say that you should force it open, but if it were an unsealed battery, you could at least have the chance to keep it working properly for a longer period.

The sealed lead acid battery trades off some of its reliability for comfort. Most of the times, it pays off - people do not want to bother with checking fluid levels, they their cars to start and nothing else. Just to show you how true this is, when was the last time YOU checked your car battery?

SLA Battery Charger your automotive charger
A SLA battery charger is the most common type of charger used in the automotive industry. If you have a car that you use only for special occasions, and spends most of the time parked somewhere, you will appreciate the commodity of having a battery charger.

Deep Cycle Battery Charger, going where no charger has gone before
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