Ups Battery, when power simply cannot fail

Ups Battery, when power simply cannot fail

A UPS battery (or batteries) is the most important component of any Uninterruptible Power Supply”. A UPS in, in fact, nothing more than a battery with an integrated charger and power control circuitry. If you ever see a UPS without its box, you will see most of its size is taken by the Ups battery.

There probably is no other equipment where battery management is so important. A UPS battery is the sole responsible for maintaining AC power flowing through its output terminals even if external AC power is lost. That’s why UPS often use sealed lead acid batteries and intelligent chargers capable of trickle charging the batteries constantly.

Because of its unique purpose, a Ups battery is a critical component that must be in perfect conditions all the time. When it’s needed, it must supply power at a moment’s notice, for as long as required.

You should test your UPS’s every now and then, simulating a power failure and checking their performance. When the time comes for you must rely on it, those batteries must be up to the task.

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